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Guiding Your Way through Resources A to V for                   Minnesota Seniors, Boomers,
                  Their Families, Caregivers, and Advisers

Savvy Senior Sources, LLC leads the premier collaboration of businesses for easily guiding your way through resources A to V for Minnesota seniors, boomers, their family, caregivers and advisers.  The trusted advisers are selected with limited members in each category.

The mission of The Savvy Senior Courses and Seminars:

To provide educational and continuing educational courses and seminars to professionals who work with Seniors, Boomers, their families, caregivers and advisers
to educate them about the many resources and have a better understanding of these Minnesota Senior resources and how they can help their clients.

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INSURANCE Professionals and CFPs...
Get 7, 8 or 15
Non-Company Sponsored CE CREDITS
Insurance Approval Pending* and Submitted to CFP Board
A New, Unique, and Premier Course to Get Your
Minnesota Insurance and CFP Continuing Education Credits

"This is by far the best CE Experience I have ever had!"

  • Does the aging population have you wondering how you are going to keep your business sailing with the oncoming wave of Boomers and Seniors? 
  • Boomers & Seniors are adrift!  How will you answer their S.O.S?   

Here is a new and unique educational course offering a life jacket to keep you afloat on the many issues facing Boomers, Seniors and their families – your customers.  This two-day course will provide you a comprehensive analysis of the tough topics facing Boomers, Seniors, and their families. You will learn from experts working directly in the senior industry.


This course is designed for professionals in the insurance industry who have had or are interested in learning how to navigate their clients through the decision-making process of senior issues.

Course Objectives:

  • Become familiar with issues facing Boomers, Seniors and their families
  • A comprehensive analysis of the tough topics facing Boomers, Seniors and their families
  • Receive an understanding of financing options for Boomers and seniors
  • Receive knowledge of options and resources available to help Boomers, Seniors and their families


Credit Hours:  7, 8 or 15 Insurance Credit Units - Non-Company Sponsored

Insurance Approval Pending* and Submitted to CFP Board

What's been said by attendees:

"Thanks for all of the good information."

"All of it makes me a better, more informed agent."

"I feel lucky to have found such interesting info to fulfill my CE needs."

"I am very impressed with the facility, the subject matter, the presenters and the organization."

Savvy Senior Sources Ship

Cost:  Day 1 - 7 Hours: $112

           Day 2 - 8 Hours: $128

   Both Days - 15 Hours: $230

(includes materials, refreshments)


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Limited space available

 Dates  Location  City  Credit Hours
October 12, 2010 J Arthur's  
Roseville, MN  7 Credit Hours
October 13, 2010 J Arthur's   Roseville, MN 
 8 Credit Hours
October 12 & 13, 2010 J Arthur's   Roseville, MN 
 15 Credit Hours
Registration Day 1 and Day 2:  7:15 a.m.
Course Schedule:  Day 1:  8:15 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.       Day 2:  7:45 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

"Great 2 days!"

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We do not currently have any courses scheduled but contact us if you are interested in receiving information when they are scheduled or if you would like your agency to schedule one.



651-770-8462 Beth

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More Savvy Senior Courses coming in the future.

*Previously Approved for 15 INS CE Credits; Resubmitted for 7 & 8 Credit Hours

Setting The Course - Sink or Swim Presenters

Setting the course topics and presenters:

Day 1 - 7 CE hours:

Day 2 - 8 CE hours:
Take  both days for 15 CE Hours.

"The key players and well-known resources actually spoke to us."

"Very nice, heartfelt teachers."

Complimentary refreshments provided

Courses organized by:
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    "Course was excellent!"
    "These were excelling topics for us to become better acquainted with - Very good presenters!"

    "One of the best courses I have attended."

    "Great 2 days!"

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    While those included as resources and instructors are selected, Savvy Senior Sources, LLC, Beth Paterson, Reverse Mortgages SIDAC and those listed or referenced, or are guests on shows are not affiliated with and does not endorse nor qualify any of the resources, providers, services, products, or links provided here. The contacts and this information are intended for your informational purposes only. You must do your own reference checks and use your own judegement when using these resources.  Savvy Senior Sources, LLC, Beth Paterson, Reverse Mortgages SIDAC and those listed or referenced are not liable for your selection or choice of services.

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